Conditional formatting relative to other metrics

I would love it if in conditional formatting I had the ability to set the color of a bar so that it changed when surpassing other pieces of data. To give you some more context here is an example: 


I have a a domo dashboard that is in the bullet format. the data I have is listed in into 2 categories: 'Current', and 'Goal'. 

I want to create conditional color formatting that turns the current section red when it is below the goal, yellow when it has reached the goal, and green when it has surpassed the goal. 


From a user standpoint I would like to be able to click on "color rule", in the column section I would put "current" in the condition section I would put is less than, and in the blank box i would simply type "goal"; I would then set the fill box to red. I would then apply the same rules for when current is greater and when current is equal to goal.

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  • I would find this incredibly useful. Particularly when it is a data dense chart it is tough for my users to quickly see who is at goal and who is not. For example, in this chart it looks like only 2 people are below goal, when in fact it is 6. Color would help tell the story.


    Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 1.55.54 PM.png

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