Ordering of Quick Filters

Currently the only way to change the order of quick filters is to unselect the "Display as Quick Filter" for every currently applied quick filter and then reselect them all in the correct order.


It would save a lot of time, when needing to change the order or add a new one, if we could drag/drop quick filters to change their ordering or even have a "Move Up/Down" option for each quick filter.



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  • Agreed!


    We should be able to drag and drop the arrangment for quick filters.


    Having to go: turn off the quick filters, correcting the order, and turning the quick filters back on is a pain, espically if you have to do it on multiple pages. 

  • bigdatadojo2000
    bigdatadojo2000 St. George, Utah 🟠

    @DaniBoy this would solve such a huge pain-point! Is there any way to expedite the review of this feature? I know we've even heard from Domo employees that this is one of the biggest pain-points they face day-to-day. I can't even count how many hours I have wasted "moving" quick filters across dozens of filters across dozens of cards across dozens of pages.

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