Quick filters only applied to selected attributes

It would be great to be able to apply card level quick filters to only designated attributes versus all attributes.


An example would be a card that shows a count of the entire data set by month, with the x access being a date, with a % of the population shown in a line. When a quick filter is selected, say for a sub-category of the population, the line % would adjust to the new numerator, but the denominator is still the entire population. Example:

10 records for a given month, of which 7 are widgets and 3 are pizza. A quick filter on the side allows for selecting (All/widgets/pizza).  

  • If all is selected, it would return 100%
  • If pizza is selected, it would return 70%
  • If widgets are selected, it would return 30%

If I apply a quick filter as is, they would all return 100%. 


Options currently are:

  • Use MySQL with logic to pull them out and show a line for each, but once I get to over a couple of attributes, the number of lines get distracting.
  • Select the lines you want to see in the legend and just drop the quick filter all together, but If there is more than one filter, I believe this would create a hang up.
  • Roll up everything in an ETL, but this would remove the majority of drillability.
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