Customize Domo email format and branding

When sending an automated email to external customers, we would like to be able to customize the look, feel and from sections of the email so that it is clear that our company is sending the email. This will prevent confusion on the customer's part, as well as creating brand awareness with our customer. The Domo logos can be secondary to show that Domo is the tool we are using to send out the information. 

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  • Another thing could be to have a template features that would allow different cards sizes in an eMail report.

    That would be really great!

  • The email template would be awesome. Currently I have about 5 templates save in one note that I basically can change 2 or 3 things and send out within a minute of inviting a new user or customer....saves time, but It would be great to have the functionality in the same place!

  • These are great suggestions.We'd also like to be able to:

    1) Change the size and type of card title fonts in email view. Card titles are the headers of the cards which have a pre-set font in the email (small, not bold) – we’d like to be able to configure this with the usual font settings.

    2) Configurethe DOMO introductory section from the email report - we would like to be able to configure the email header, ideally so we could remove all the sections, and/or customise their appearance as it’s taking up a lot of the screen real estate (especially when viewed on mobile)

    3) Configure the deep linking functionality in the email  - currently when viewing the email on a mobile it always tries to deep link to the app if you select a card. This is frustrating for users who want to pinch and zoom to see the detail and don’t want to view in the app.

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