Beast Mode Validation Error Messaging

I was suprised to see there wasn't an idea in the exchange about this already [if I missed it, my apologies].


One of the biggest pain points I hear about building cards in DOMO is the severe lack of debugging/validation details present when debugging Beast Modes. Many hours are spent trying to figure out why a beast mode is not validating successfully.


Since this validation is already occuring in the background, and line numbers are already shown in the window, the tool should spit out a more specific error that caused the formula to not validate, as well as the line number where it occurred. I'm sure I'm oversimplifying this, but if the validation is already happening, there has to be something that could be returned more valuable than "Invalid Formula : This calculation contained a syntax error." (I know there are a few others, but these are generally not helpful in large beast modes, as they contain no actual details about the error except 'syntax error' or 'column does not exist.'

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