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I currently have a Line + 100% stacked bar chart on a card. I have 3 lines on this chart and would like to only show Data Labels for those 3 lines, but I can only either show all of them, show none of them, deselect "Allow Overlap" and only have certain labels show up seemingly at random, and "Show One Label", which isn't helpful either.


Is there a way to select only certain data labels to appear?



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  • Valiant
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    There is an option to show only labels for your lines. Under the Data Label Settings, there's a Show Datalabels On option. It sounds like the 'Lines Only' might be what you're looking for.



    Let me know if that's it or if you need something else.





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  • Valiant
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    Ahh, so my screenshot was from the Line + Stacked Bar, not the Line + 100% Stacked Bar. It looks like that feature hasn't made it into the product yet.


    Unless someone from the Domo side wants to chime in, I'd say go ahead and log a support ticket to make sure they're aware. Hopefully it might be something coming up soon. 


  • Thanks, that sounds like exactly what I am looking for, however, I don't seem to have that option available to me? Do you know why this might be? Has a new release not reached me yet?


    Thanks again!

    Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.47.32 AM.png

  • Got it, will do!


    Thank you very much!

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