Why are not all of my beast modes copying over when I switch datasets?

I have an existing dataset built using the dataflow that powers a lot of my cards, and which has a lot of beast modes on (some unique per card, some shared across the dataset).


I've created another identical dataset using the data blend. However, when I switch over datasets, not all of the beast modes copy over. When I've switched between two identical dataflow outputs in the past, they have all copied over. In the dataflow/blend switch, it seems like the beast modes with *aren't* shared across the dataset are the ones which are copied over, and the beast modes which *are* are not copied.


Does anyone know why this would be, and what I could do to fix this? The data blend is a lot quicker to run so I'd really like to switch the datasets. However, it's impractical to go through card by card and create the beast mode, as the dataflow dataset currently powers over 500 cards.


Thanks in advance!

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    When you switch to the new dataset the beast modes belonging to the prior dataset will be left behind.

    On the flip side, your card-saved beast modes will carry over.  That seems in line with what you're finding.

    By blend are you referring to data fusion? That's not a new dataset but rather a view, so it might be possible that dataset-saved beast modes will carry over.  That should not be the case with a SQL or Magic ETL dataflow dataset.


    I've heard Domo is working on some beast mode administration functions, so maybe that's something to look forward to.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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