Adding hyperlink in table - Illustrator

Has anyone found a way (or is it even possible) to insert a hyperlink into a table while using Illustrator with the Design Studio?


I'm trying to create a dashboard using Illustrator and the Design Studio plug-in, but our users want the ability to drill down. Since drill downs are not supported when using Illustrator, I figured the next best thing would be a hyperlink to another card (do this for each value in the table). So display the actual value, but it's also a hyperlink to a card (for drilling purposes). I know how to do this via a beast mode, but that same method isn't working in Design Studio.


Thanks for any help on this.

Best Answer

  • I don't beleive the links (ahref = "[string]") are readable on the illustrator table widget. 


    Instead, you can add multiple link widgets to the card. Might be a lot, but might help the issue you're facing.


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