Remove appends from DOMO datasets

There are instances where we run the workbench job in Append mode each month and sometimes, we may have to re-process the prior month due to some business changes. These re-runs could be very time critical for reporting needs. It would great if we could self serve and remove the append related to the month that needs to be re-processed so we don't have to reach out to support.

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    For those reading:

    When a workbench dataset is put into the datacenter, it's actually a collected view of workbench append jobs in what's called the append chain.

    Each link in the append chain is a microdataset of sorts, and the feature to remove these links actually already exists.  However, support will have to help you with that until the repair feature is made public.  So for you and anyone else reading, for now, it's probably faster for you to call support and have them remove the append instead of starting the dataset from scratch if that's what you were thinking.  Long term, yes, absolutely, this needs to be public.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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