Last updated time on the datasets not visible to participants

​DOMO used to indicate when cards were last refreshed with the latest data, now the cards say 'synced now' or 'synced 10 minutes ago' to indicate when the DOMO user last clicked on their browser refresh button. Now how can we tell when a card was last refreshed with the latest data please?

It affects the users that have the 'Participant' privilege, the admins can still see it.

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  • PodiumMason
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    Hey @smriti,


    This sounds like a bug. I would hit up to report the bug and get some eyes on it.


    Best of luck!

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  • keeps rerouting to my companies domain. Is this site no longer available to report issues? Can you help me understand if any issues have been raised and what their status is in regards to users not being able to see last updated time on cards? I am an admin user and I am not able to view this information from the card itself.