Improved Admin rights for Scheduled Reports

Here are my top two requests for improving the admin experience of the scheduled reports feature:


1) Allow admins to see scheduled reports created by other users. In theory, shouldn't an admin be allowed to see all the activity going on in their instance? If I had visibility into the emailed reports scheduled by other users, I'd be able to help troubleshoot when things go wrong, or simply shutdown a rogue email report. 


2) This could be in addition to, or simply in place of #1 above -- Allow admins and owners of scheduled reports to change ownership to other users. 

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  • jstan
    jstan Dallas, TX 🟠

    Hi, if you go under admin settings to report scheduler, you can see all scheduled reports and admins are able to edit the reports and disable them.  There is still no way to change the owner of scheduled reports.



  • #1 is done #2 is not possble


    @jstan thanks for the insights!

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