Data Source Import Error Notifications

We have notifications setup in Workbench. We can select the users we want notified if an erorr occurred during the upload. It would be nice to have the same functionality for DOMO accounts/data sources that are not used in Workbench. I know you can log into DOMO and see that there is an error but it would be nice to be notified immediatly of an error. 

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket DOMO-43049.

  • This functionality is in Domo today. If you go to your DataSet Details page then select the Settings dropdown (wrench) in the top right, then select the 'Notification' option.


    This will let you select an option to be notified if your DataSet fails to upload as scheduled.


    Thanks for the great feedback let us know if you have any other suggestions!

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Is this still a thing? I'm not finding the "Notification" option in the Data Center or Dataset details views. 

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