Automated commenting (when changes are made in Analyzer)

Searched under "auto comments" and "comments" but didn't see any past request for this. Any consideration for auto commenting whenever something is changed via analyzer (i.e. add a filter, update fields within a filter, adding measures or dimensions to a graph/card, changing chart type, etc - any setting that is changed that would result in a change to the card and the data that's output). I'm sure that changes are tracked so it shouldn't be too difficult to add these automatically to comments.


Currently we're trying to manually comment, which we'd still want to have the ability to do for adding specific details, so that all involved have an understanding of what was done, and what would need to be changed back if the card stops functioning as expected. However, not everyone does this so having Domo auto-comment whenever changes are made, along with information on the change that was made, can go a long way in helping with efficiency, consistency, locating errors, reverting cards, etc.

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