Nested bar, sorting low to high by TOTAL

Good morning! I've done several searches on both Domo and Google for this but nothing comes up, only for Stacked Bar graphs though it would seem to me that someone would've run into this before! When using a Nested Bar graph and drilling down to the first drill path, seems we're unable to sort (low to high OR high to low), no matter the dimension or measure being used. Is there something we're missing, or a beast mode that can take care of this for us (below is an idea of what we end up with no matter then metric used)? Thanks in advance for your time and any suggestions. 


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.26.00 AM.png



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  • Valiant
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    We have a couple of Nested bars with driling paths. The option to sort on totals has to be set for the main card and each drill down. 

    Here's a screenshot of the option (Under General):



    Give this a shot and let me know if that was or wasn't what you were looking for.





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  • Thanks, as always, @Valiant, sorted under CHART PROPERTIES>General after adding a dimension in SORTING and we now have order to the chaos previously experienced! Made my day with your quick reply and assistance, it's greatly appreciated...  Smiley Happy

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