Support renaming columns without breaking cards and/or make fixing broken cards easier

We're keen on Page Filters which require identically named columns to work against multiple DataSets. That's fine, and we're fine with using consistent names. The problem is, sometimes we change our standard names to make them better or handle new situations, and sometimes we have trial DataSets thta we experiment with before the format is stabalized.


The column name functions as a key and if you change it, it's as though you deleted the column entirely. Existing cards break. If they used a renamed column, now they just don't work. The Analyzer tells you nothing about what specifically is wrong, only that something is wrong. 


Some of our data comes through Workbench, much of it (and only more of it) comes through a variety of other connectors. We also use direct import, particularly when first sorting out a new DataSet. So, a WorkBench-only solution won't cover all of our examples. What would be better is a feature in the Domo Web UI, including the Analyzer:


  • When there is a problem with a column, the Analyzer should please provide more details. Like "The column StartDate is not found in the DataSet." Oh, okay, I'll use "Start_Date" instead. Or whatever.

  • Allow for some kind of rename/mapping facility so that I can update names. 

I guess that second point is harder as Domo doesn't have any sort of data definition layer or dictionary. That would be great, and I think I've seen mention that Domo is exploring the idea. But for now, even the first idea would be a help. The current solution is to dig around in backups like a wild animal looking for an earlier version of the DataSet and figuring out what changed. Yeah, I know that's all on me. But still, it would be nice to get some more information out of Domo since Domo knows exactly what is broken.


Thanks a lot


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