Card Lock/Unlock functionality to be made available at card menu level


Currently to Lock/Unlock card a user must go the Admin Control panel.
It would be nice to be able to "lock" a card directly from the card drop down menu.


Put it this way, if a user doesn't see the option available directly on the is quite difficult he will use it.

Certainly it must be kept also in the Admin Control - Cards section as to lock "many" pages it is much easier.


Hopefully other users find this request useful and vote ti

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  • Hi All,

    Thanks to Domo that has explained to me that it is possible to lock a card when you are viewing a card.

    At the bottom left hand corner you will be able to see the lock option.


    Unfortunately, that corner is always at the bottom of the page and I must scroll down to see it ?

    I suppose that's why I open this is not in a visible place to spot it ? 

    Therefore, thank you Domo for you answer, but I still think that the lock should be placed somewhere it can be seen immediately.



  • Correct currently this is in the lower left corner of every card and you must scroll down.


     lock card.jpg

    We would welcome thsi feedback and any other to improve the UI (User Inetrface)



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