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I am new to Domo and wondering how I can calclate the % of a field based on one of its values.  I can essentially do this in excel using the following function, can I replicate this in Domo?


=COUNTIF(F2:F500, "Closed Won")/COUNTA(F2:F500)


The field that I am trying to count from is titled Stage (Column F) and I am looking to return the % of how many of the stage values are 'Closed Won', and show this in a bar chart for a month by month comparrison.


Would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.





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    Hey Ben,


    So assuming you have your data imported from Excel. When you're in the analyzer building your new card, hit the "Add Calculated Field" button in the bottom left to create a BeastMode.


    Here's the way you would code this (Domo uses MySQL):

    COUNT(CASE WHEN `Stage` LIKE 'Closed Won' THEN 1 END)
    * 100

    The * 100 at the end is optional depending on how you format the field. But that will give you the percentage of Closed Won found for your range.


    Since you're wanting to show this in a bar graph, you'll want to set your X axis field to your date field, and then use your new BeastMode as your Y axis.


    Let me know if you run into any issues and I'll be glad to help you out.




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