Longitude/Latitude Map Functionality



I tried reaching out to Domo support on multiple occasions to no avail, so hopefully the community can help. 


I know that I am capable of this:




But more often than not, I receive this:





Any thoughts? I'm assuming it's an error in programming as the "dots" are properly located when referenced against Google Maps. I could have major use for this map style, but it's lacking in consistency.




  • Hi swyatt,


    Are there any particular areas you're trying to map where this doesn't work? Could you provide a screenshot of how the card is setup?


    I've created the latitude/longitude map for the Chicago area below and it maps fine. 


    Chicago Lat/Long Map.PNG


  • I'm pretty sure I'm setting it correctly. The 1st example I provided is set the exact same way as the two following. The points of the map are actually in the correct spot, per google maps. It's just it doesn't present with an underlying geo region. Here is my set-up:






    I know there are multiple formats that are accepted with Lat/Long. Do you mind providing that format for comparison? I have mine set like (the fields are truncated in preview for w/e reason): 






  • I've attached a screenshot of my latitude and longitude data when I put into a Sumo table (just for screenshot purposes). 


  • Yes, that's the exact format that I use. I have no idea what is going on. I appreciate you checking in on this. @letsdothis do you have any ideas?

  • I would also try changing your map to something like this:

    Map Setup.PNG





































    This setup produces a better map than even I had before and is more accurate at least to the zip code level. I'll have to work on the legend for the graph but that's a different topic. Smiley Wink


  • Hello swyatt,


    I'm not sure why these cards are not placing the locations correctly. Since I am with support, would you feel comfortable sending me a private message with a link to the card so I can investigate the issue and open up a support ticket on your behalf? I will take personal care to ensure we find the answer for you. Please send the link privately.




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  • @letsdothis, please let us know how it goes :smileyhappy:

  • The points are rendering where they should be geographically, but the base map does not cover that part of town. I have submitted an enhancement request with development to increase the basemap coverage. Reference number DOMO-39661


    -- letsdothis

    I work for Domo.
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