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I looked through previous topics and was unable to find one that matched this, but I apologize if this thread has already been started. 


Is there a way in Domo to restrict access to other Domo Admins? We have a few Domo Admins across our deployment, but I am in Finance and want to be able to use Domo for some things that the rest of the company cannot have access to.  We use Macs, so we don't have access to work bench, so we wouldn't be able to use the encryption capability until workbench is enabled for Macs.


We do need to have other admins in the business in order for our Domo deployment to scale, but if anyone has an alternative strategy other than reducing the number of admins, it would greatly be appreciated!

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  • Valiant
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    The only thing I could think of would be that the other admins would need to be reduced to something like Privileged instead of Admin. 

    Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 8.00.06 PM.png

    I know there was some discussion about segmenting business units at Domopalooza, but I think that would still be a ways off.


    Let me know if you have any additional questions on this and I can go into more detail for you.




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  • DataMaven
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    @ValientSpur is right - That capability is in the pipeline, but not here yet. You may be able to reach out to the product team and ask to be a beta tester for that feature. I'm not sure what stage it's in for development, but that would expedite it a bit for you.
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  • nruts36
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    Thanks @Valiant @DataMaven. That is very helpful. Unfortunately, I think we are stuck with the current set up we have. We wouldn't want to reduce the roles of the other admin, just want to restrict their access to some reports. I guess we will have to wait until the business unit segmentation features come out. 


    Thanks again!!


  • I have the roles customization functionality now that it's been rolled out into our instance. However, it's still very limiting and we are not able to restrict admins to specific types of data or anything like that. Are you aware of anything specific on this topic that's been rolled out, even as a beta feature? What we are trying to do is provide Major Domo access but restrict certain sensitive data such as finance and HR.

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