Rank function in beastmode

I know that ranking exists in ETL or mySQL transformations but those become static when creating cards. Having a ranking function in beastmodes will allow the rank to be dynamic through a time range change. 

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  • This would be a huge benefit, especially for table cards. Hope this function gets added to the library of usable functions soon. 


    I would upvote this more if I could!



  • Thanks @Valiant I will raise visibility on this one.

  •  Hi Domo Team,


    Having the rank fucntion available in beast mode will be hugely helpful. For eg: if i want to limit my card to show the data for top companies only, i am having create the rank in the dataflow and use the rank as a filter on the card. However that will lock the card for those fixed ranks only and will not update if user selects a different time period on the card.



  • If you search Rank Beast Mode in the Dojo, demand is clear!  We definitely need this function!  If not rank, a more broadly accessible ability to show a certain number of values.  Max # is only on the most basic.  

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  • This would be one of my most wanted feature! Currently the "Top # rows" on data table could serve very limited

    1) whenever the chart has series, it does not work at all 

    2) even the true top # could be shown on normal column / bar chart properly, when I tried to also show the % of Total as data label, I expect the Total (denominator) refers to Grand Total (all data) but not limited to the top # data records

    hope this makes sense

    look forward to more great features on DOMO!


    thanks a lot!


  • URGENT. This is also my most-wanted feature. I currently use a DataFusion process on an extremely important dataset. It would take too long to run an ETL on this and there are several datasets being blended. Since I can't build a dataflow off of a DataFusion, I can't use the rank feature on the resulting data, and it would be better suited on a per-card basis rather than globally. 

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    @meganatgoodwill check out the Magic 2.0 beta, it does support ingesting dataset views (also a beta), functionally they are synonymous with fusions.


    you can ask support to optimize your dataset, and if it warrants, that can include materializing the dataset.  In the immediate term you can look at the Dataset Copy connector for materializing views / fusions.  I believe it has logic built in for only processing updated rows. ... but I'm not confident how that plays with fusion'ed datasets.  


    you can use window'ed functions in dataset views. ... but it gets a little wonky in cards, and you have to abide by the functionality / limitations you encounter in cards.  (hence why you should experiment with materialization)

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