How can I display data up to the last completed month

While at #DP18 I learned that for the sake of the "Corporate Executives" there is the ability to only display data thru the previous completed month rather than up to date. For example, my executive only wants to see, by default, revenue $ for January & February since thoses months are completed. March information would automatically appear when the calendar date equals April 1. 

Anyone have any ideas how this can be done on the card (assuming via BeastMode) rather than restricting in the ETL/Dataflow?

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  • cbishop
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    The case provided did help however, it wasn't the exact solution i was looking for. I ended up going with the below statement for my exact need.

    (CASE when `Date` <= LAST_DAY(DATE_SUB(CURRENT_DATE(),interval 1 month)) then 'Include'
    else 'Exclude' end



  • This might help you: 

    Case when Month(`your_date_field`)  <= Month(current_date) - 1 and Year(`your_date_field`) = Year(current_date) then 'yes' else 'no' end


    Put this as a filter and check yes. 



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