Identify original source for columns in Magic ETL

It's very hard to tell what columns come from what datasource in Magic ETL once datasets have been joined together. I am using Select Columns to rename columns throughout the process, and it can be very hard to track backward to figure out what came from where. When I am ready to Select Columns for my Output dataset I want to source them from the right place, but the list of columns to choose from has no labels or symbols or color coding to let me know which one I'm grabbing. 


A workaround right now (as long as I'm joining and not appending) would be to edit all column labels from each input to "Product - from Input A" and "Product - from Input B" so that when I finish up I can choose the right one and re-name it simply "Product" but that seems a lot of extra work.


I recall the datafusion tool used color coding - each input was assigned a color, and any actions taken on the columns from that input included a bar or dot with that color for reference. That kind of key would be really helpful in ETL!

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