Can you run a dataset load on demand?

Is there a way to tell domo to kick off a dataset load on demand?   


At a high level, I have a data warehouse that gets loaded every morning and when specific tables have completed, I would like to tell DOMO to load them.  I used to do this with DOMO workbench but now that we moved the warehouse to the cloud, I can't identify an easy way to do this.  


I can tell DOMO to load them based on a time schedule but that is not what I'm looking to do.  Is there a way via an API to do this?

Thanks in advance!


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    I finally went back to running a server in the cloud running workbench.  My solution is to kick off the workbench job via command line once my load completes.  It works pretty good but I still wish I could just kick the exisiting job off via API.  :(




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    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


  • You can do this with the Dataset API here:


    Hopefully that's what you're looking for.




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  • This would be a very nice feature, as far as I know this is still  not possible. 


    I got the following reply from Domo support:


    Hi Saul,

    I don't believe we have an endpoint that will just run a dataset using the API. We do have endpoints within the API for updating, however these are only able to be used if the dataset was created using the API, and in that scenario you wouldn't really need a run method as you would be updating via the API rather than a connector and would be passing the data into Domo yourself.

    I would recommend leaving feedback within your instance of Domo regarding this, so it can be considered to be added. You can do this by going to your navigation menu, then Feedback, then Product Feedback. Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this!

  • user03999's response from support is correct to my understanding.


    If you just want to trigger the run of an existing dataset you can't do this via the API. However you could re-engineer the whole thing to go through the API to send the data to Domo that way but that's probably way more work than you would want to or probably should do.


    If you now usea connector to get the data (able to login to Domo and click Run Now) you could use Selenium to automate a browser to click run on various datasets. 



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