Workbench - Quickbook respect negative values...

When connecting QuickBooks to DOMO, some of the imported categories are tagged as expenses and thus subtracted from income. 

When imported into Domo, they all show positive and only add. Any ideas on how to fix this?




  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @greynoso with his question?

  • How are you importing your quickbooks?  It is possible that one would need to create a beast mode calculation that would subtract certain categories from income, at least as a workaround.

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  • I think typically the QuickBooks data comes in in different columns, so the amount is either in the credit or debit column, rather than being positive or negative. I think you create a calculated field in Workbench that would pull the right amount. Use a calculation along the lines of (sorry I can't provide an exact answer since I am not in front of my Workbench instance at the moment, but hopefully this can get you going):


  • @greynoso, did any of the above responses help address your issue?

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