Set Workbench Job to Pull in Most Recent File

In the current version of workbench you can have dynamic file names to grab a file that holds a date (ex. filename-<yyyymmdd>), but what if you have a vendor that is providing you a file throughout the day and it includes a time in the file name?  Right now that currently isn't possible with the dynamic file name structure in workbench.  So there are two options here that Domo could do to fix this?  1. Allow you to enter time as a dynamic field (ex. TDDMMSS) or 2. Allow the workbench settings to have the file name and search for the most recent (ex. Search for "filename" and finds "filename-20180411T1242.csv").  


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  • Was there any solution to this as I am having a similar situation now with filenames and time to ensure I am pulling the latest file.

  • Same issue here, but not timestamp, just a yyyyddmm.  FTP site holds multiple files with dates in filename.  Need Workbench to only grab the file with the most recent "date" in the filename.


  • @NewsomSolutions or anyone, is there documentation somewhere that details how to look at the dynamic file name that you mentioned is currently available? Or can you provide some insight into how to do it? I don't have a timestamp to worry about in my use case.

  • @Micah - workbench should only be grabbing the most recent file that you've named.  Sorry for delay on replying to that but you may have figured it out or another way by now.

    @user057589 - I believe to the extent there is documentation for the changing date stamp there is something on the workbench job itself that gives you some hints.  That is about the extent of those details if I am remembering correctly.  Please let me know if that is not the case and I'll open on WB and look.

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