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Please update the Domo UI to use the standard browser function of Right click to Open link in new tab. The absence of this function drives me insane on a daily basis.

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  • Can you provide more context? I'm using right click to open link in new tab through DOMO without any issues.

  • List of dataflows for one.

  • It should be consistent. It used to be that you could right click to open a new tab, but it is no longer an option. When working on an ETL, I like to have the data sources, the ETL, and the output on different tabs. It would be so much easier to bring back the standard browser functionality.
    Here is an example of the inconsistency.

    New Tab is an OptionNew Tab is an OptionNo Option HereNo Option Here

  • This is such a frustrating experience for me.

    If I am working on a dataflow, I either have to click through, do some work, then go back to the search to find the dataflow I am working on.

    Or, I have to click a data source, copy the URL, and paste it into a new tab.

  • +10^6

    No right-click really grinds my gears! 

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