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There are a lot of BI tools - many of my new users are familiar with other tools (Tableau, Microsoft Power Bi, etc). It can be frustrating and time consuming to new users to switch to the Domo nomenclature.


I think it would be beneficial to have a 'smart search' to help new users better pinpoint what they are searching for at 


One simple example is dashboard.  In Tableau, Dashboard can be referred to as a created dash with multiple or a single data viz.  The comparison in Domo may be closer to a Page, or some may reference it as a card.  The search results for dashboard currently look for that keyword in cards, datasets, Buzz, apps, etc. If dashboard is supposed to relate closer to a page rather than a card, it would be nice to have better direction in the search.


Calculation and Beast Mode usually pair well in search and it would be nice to see more results like this.


(I hope that made sense!)

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