Building a Revenue Recognition Schedule

I need to build a calendar type schedule of revenue recognition, based on the dates scheduled. This would hopefully be available for previous and definitely for future time frame. The end result is to be able to determine, per group, how much revenue needs to be recognized in the current/previous month, and what the revenue recognition will look like in the future. See attached sheet of what I am envisioning. Some months were cut out to show the range. For instance, ideally maintenance would have amounts covering 13 months. 


I am struggling with the beast modes needed to create the month view. 

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  • Rich



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    Hi PS-ALW


    Great question. I doubt that a beastmode itself will be sufficient. I'd do something like the following:


    ETL Actions:

    1. Count the number of days between the Schedule Start At and Schedule End At. You will divide the Price by this number of days to get a by day amount to recognize.


    2. Next, you'd join this price / day to a calendar object (Domo Dimensions) to get an amount entered for each day. The sum of this amount for any period would represent the revenue recognized. 


    Since the calendar object you join to can go well into the past and the future, any booked revenue in the future could be seen on a calendar card representing the forecast of what you're due to collect. 


    Beastmode: sum of revenue recognized amount

    The top level card could just be a calendar card showing all revenue (regardless of group) with a quick filter to the right side for Group. 


    Does that answer your question?