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We have a few Custom App Dashboards with live-data in a page that we want to share with the team on a screen. When entering the slide show mode of the dashboard page, the Custom App Dashboard Designs are shown blurred, not the Custom App Dashboards with the connected livetime data in it. In the normal page view those dashboards are displayed clear and with the wanted information in it. The non-Custom-App-Cards work totally fine.

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    Thanks for sharing this question. I wasn't aware of this issue, but I can replicate this with a custom app on my side as well. From what I can see, the custom app is rendered as a rasterized image which doesn't preview or scale cleanly in the slideshow mode. My app was only showing the top portion, for example, and it was also blurred.


    I will report this to our Support team internally so they can address it with Dev; and I would also recommend that you open a case, so it can be personally tracked with some followup



    Jacob Folsom
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