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My president is asking for a sales dashboard. Total sales for Day, Month, and Quarter. Month and quarters have goals. Based on the sales totals today, how do I figure how many sales we would need per business day to reach our monthly goal, and quarterly goal. Basically he is used to seeing the attached, which also shows the sales for the day/month/quarter. I have used a guage to show them where they are at toward the goal, but they want to take this extra step.




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  • Domo_Diesel
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    Hi @PS-ALW,


    Happy to help.  If you already have the monthly/quarterly goal and sales, it seems we still need to calculate remaining working days.  Once you have the number of  remaining working days in the month/quarter, you can then calculate sales per day needed to reach the monthly/quarterly goal.  The beastmode calculation  for sales needed per day to reach the monthly goal would be something like this: 


    (`Current Month Goal` - `Current Month Sales`) / `Remaining Working Days in Current Month`


    A good way to calculate the remaining working days is to join or stack a calendar dataset with your sales data.  This calendar dataset would contain a row for each date, and a column that specifies if each date is a working day.  Then you can count the number of working days at the card level for the current month or quarter.




    Domo Diesel