Date Calcs in Magic ETL

Does anyone have any hints or suggestions as to running time calcs, like DateDiff (minute), for Magic ETL.  I have some joins that I'm running in RedShift and I'd like to see about getting them into Magic ETL but with the lack of a function similar to DateDiff for time periods less than a day (I know there are date cals in Magic ETL) and being able to join on things other than equals (sometimes you may want to join two tables where a value is between two other values) makes it tough if not impossible to use Magic ETL.  Right now I'm thinking about just putting a filter after a full join on the tables joining what I can with equals and then filtering things down with the "between" option there.  


If anyone else has an suggestions that I haven't thought about I'd love to see them.



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  • Gimli



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    In the past, I have used the "replace" tile to strip out only the time of a data/time column. I have then converted the time to milliseconds, performed time difference calculations then converted it back to readable time. 

    This was not very easy. I would recommend sticking with your current SQL queries. 

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  • @ilikenno thanks for that.  I didn't even think about stripping it out and doing it that way but that is an option.  I think you're right though, it may be best to just keep in SQL for sake of simplicity of troubleshooting.  Thank you.