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I wanted to publish two cards scheduled weekly at a specified time.  However, due to the amount of data in the card, it's not readable when sent in the published email. I know I could export to powerpoint and send from there, but I didn't want to have to do anything manually. Has anyone else run into this and what was your solution?  The alternative to publish a link doesn't work for me as I want a snapshot to go out at a specific time each week with the results at that send time, and I have users that may not want to follow a link to see the data.  

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    This functionality is key to our business but so far all the responses I've found go along the lines of 'Domo focuses on showing live data rather than scheduling, so build an embedded approach'.


    Excited to know if you find a better way!

  • I'm in a beta test of the Word plug in for Domo, and just tried adding the cards I mentioned above to a word doc and I was able to resize them to a full page to make them readable.  The card data is also refreshable, so while I can't schedule it to go out at the set time automatically, I can refresh the cards at the time I need the snapshot and email out the word doc.  Refreshing the data is easy and quick, so it is a workaround for now.  Also, with it being in Word, if I need to add any comments before sending, I can easily do that as well.   

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