Create Beastmode using another Beastmode

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The functionality to use one beastmode calculation within another by referencing just the column name would be very useful.


Currently the options include creating an SQL query, creating a convoluted beastmode, or double clicking on an exisiting beastmode and pasting the formulas from the existing beastmode in, and having to go back and manually update that every time the original beastmode changes.


An example of where this is valuable [apart from almost everywhere!] is as follows: 

I need to calculate `Net Revenue` = `Gross Revenue` - `Commission` - `Fees`


  1. `Gross Revenue` is a separate beast mode which has some complicated cases based on what 'type' of transaction has occurred. E.g. When the transaction is with 'stark industries' and it's a 'saturday' then $100, else $80. [ with at least 30 different cases]
  2. `Commission` is a separate beast mode which has different %ages of gross revenue based on what 'type' of transaction has occurred. E.g. 1.5% of Gross Revenue when the deposit is below $200, and 2% of Gross Revenue when the deposit is $200+.
  3. `Fees` is a flat number per transaction [which is achieved through beastmode, but could be achieved through ETL/SQL].
  4. Finally, `Net Revenue` is a simple calculation = `Gross Revenue` - `Commission` - `Fees`


HOWEVER, since `Gross Revenue`, `Commission`, `Fees` are all individual [and complicated!] beastmodes, Net Revenue becomes far too complicated to achieve if each set of cases must be pasted into one 'super' beastmode.



Please, please, please add the functionality to reference beastmodes within each other to avoid overly complicated SQL queries and beastmodes.



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  • Yup, this would make a lot of things I want to do much much easier.  


    I do wonder about running aggregates on aggregates (mostly because i know this is the hard stop point on any kind of beastmode calculation) - it seems like there may be some limits to making these calculations work based on how beastmode, from my incredibly light level of understanding, works.  I can easily do things like a period rank in something like GoodData so that I can see how the rank of an item has changed over time.... but I'm doing all of that in its MAQL statements.


    If possible this would be a game changer for how I interact with domo - but I hesitate when I think about what limitations may simply be a part of how far we can abuse queries and calculations over already pulled data.

  • I have a similar issue with this. Using a simple example.


    A = B + C

    D = A + E <== This become B + C + E when A is dragged into the formula pane.


    When I go back to change "A" to become "B * C", the formula in "D" remains as "B + C + E"  

    As the beast mode calculation can be shared, it means that all dependent calculations are incorrect/out of sync


    Can we have a checkbox option to add the calculation as "reference" instead of a "copy"

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