Inserting line break according to a character

Is there a way to break a piece of text into a new line in a table by when a character appears? Everything I'm looking at goes by length of the string of text, but in my case it goes by a semicolon separator.


So I'll have in one cell a bunch of text of varying lengths and commas to separate that one instance BUT have a semicolon to separate it as another instance. What I would want to do is everytime Domo sees a semicolon it would start that as a new line break. 


Is this possible through a Beast Mode? Would I have to do it in SQL or the ETL? I don't want to separate out the text into new columns or new rows or anything like that, just when I'm presenting it in the table view in my card for each entry separated by a semicolon to be on a new line.



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    You could try the Replace function in a beastmode. If you're replacing the semicolon with a line break it would look something like this:


    Give that a shot and let me know if you need anything else.





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