Bug: Cannot trigger a change when null values are ticked in Quick Filters

If data consists of null values and we don't want to assign a value to these null fields, unticking the null value in Quick Filters doesn't trigger a change in the card to show only those values that aren't null. Also any other field that is ticked after the null value is ticked doesn't trigger a change in the card to only show the fileds that aren't unticked. 

However if you first tick the field with existing values it triggers a change and any other subsequent ticks also triggers a change. 

Expected result: Any tick/unticks on quick filters irrespective of if the field is null or not should trigger a change in cards to show only that information needed

Better explained via the screen shots below. This is a different bug as compared to https://dojo.domo.com/t5/Ideas-Exchange/Bug-Filtering-on-Null-Values/idi-p/13484


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