Let users adjust time zone by card

I have a company that is set to AZ time.  They don't have daylight savings time and they have data coming in from all over.  It would be nice, and I think very useful, if Domo is adjusting the TZ at the card which it says it does here "All date/time values (ex: mm/dd/yy; hh:mm:ss) must be in UTC. Domo will adjust them to your chosen local time in your cards. The actual data in your DataSet is not changed"....for Domo to give you a Quick Filter type option on the cards to be able to quickly adjust TimeZones (if different than the Company set TimeZone).


I know that you can not set the company TZ, but as a default AZ works fine for what we need.  But for clients/data that we need to adjust the UTC time to EST or something it would be helpful for end users to have the ability to adjust this on their own.  If I'm way off here or if this is a duplicate please let me know.

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