Linking back to card or conversation for a task created form Buzz?

The Projects and Task feature looks like it'll be useful for project management but I have one question:


When you create a task out of a Buzz conversation, does it not automatically link back to the conversation or back to the card the task was about? When I create a tast out of a conversation it only captures the quote from the conversation but doesn't do anything to reference or link back to what card or what conversation the task was about. 


I ask because what if the conversation is vague and I create a task out of but then lose track of it and forget what the conversation was about? The conversation may be something as vague as, "This card looks broken or the data seems wrong," but if I forget to write into the task what card the comment was referencing or what it was about am I just **bleep** out of luck?


Seems like an oversight to me. Or maybe I'm over looking something?



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    I provided similar feedback to Domo a while back because of a similar circumstance.  In my list of tasks I can't see what card I was referencing, and in my card I can't see the specific task I created.

    It's definitely helpful to create a task straight from Buzz, but it's really an incomplete experience.


    I never did hear back from Domo, though. I suggest maybe creating an idea here in Dojo to see if you can get upvotes and product manager attention. Also submit the question straight to Domo through the Feedback link in the main product menu.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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