DataSet via Email Connection

hi smart people - 

we have a weird (maybe?) dilemma - 


the Facebook for Business connector does not provide all types of data that we need, so we are creating a report in FB and scheduling it to be emailed to either a Box account or the Email Connector.

the issue is that FB requires a verification email to be sent to the email address and a confirmation click back to FB.

(we've also tried sending to gmail and forwarding, but gmail also requires the verification  - wah wah wah....)


any thoughts on a workaround or some option that i'm missing?  

thank you!



  • Hi,

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


  • I'm trying to solve the same problem. I first tried to schedule the Facebook Ads report to go to the Domo email connector's email address. That didn't work because Facebook sends out a verification email that needs to be responded to before it sends any report to that email address. After this didn't work I tried setting up my Facebook Ads account under a gmail account. One the automated report reaches my Gmail inbox I tried forwarding the email to Domo's email connector's address. No luck. I've tried all the email connector configurations. Can someone please help?

  • Same issue. To initiate email send of csv, lamdba requires us to first click on verification link in first email. Stumped.