Configure alerts with comparing a recent value with the previous ones

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Is there any way to configure a card alert with comparing a recent value with the previous ones? For instance, I need to have alerts triggered when costs in current month increased by N % as compared to previous month (or avg costs for some period of time).



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    Hi Scott,


    Thanks for the answer.


    Frankly, I need this on a regular bar chart, because I have series and if I remember correctly there is no possibility to have series on period over period graph. But anyway I don't see exactly what I need even when creating alerts for period over period graphs.



    If I understand correctly alert will trigger when number for the recent week will increase by 10 %. But I need a comparison between the final number for the recent week with the respective number of the previous one.


    I came up with one idea… How do you think if it makes sense if I set up alerts on weekly basis (e.g. Sunday 11:55 p.m) and will be comparing this value (as of the end of the week) with the previous one (previous Sunday 11:55 p.m.)? Looks like what I exactly need.




  • I think that you would need to set this up on a period over period graph.  But then it should be possible.  Do you have a period over period chart set up?  Looking at current month versus previous months?  I would suggest starting with that.  Once you have the period over period chart set up, let me know if you are still stuck with creating the alert.

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