Heatmap table with descriptive hover text

I have a heatmap table which shows a Red/Yellow/Green status by Solution, over time. The dataset also includes notes about the status e.g. 'had a great quarterly review'. I would like these notes to show up upon hover. Is there any way to accomplish this in a way that has a clean user experience?

Current setup:

Client Health Status.PNG

Right now clicking a box sends the user to a drilldown with the note. But that is an abysmal experience when you're a VP managing dozens of accounts. Those people just want to hover over the box and see some extra detail.






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  • Valiant
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    Unfortunately there's not a way to have hover text that isn't included in the chart. This is actually a current idea 'Under Review' on the Ideas Exchange. 



    If you haven't already, I would go ahead and upvote it. I think there are quite a few others who would find the beneficial.




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  • Wolfram
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    It is amazing that this isnt a feature, and that the post requesting it is from 2015.

  • @DaniBoy Can you let us know the status of this request. It seems pretty old to still be on the ideas exchange.

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