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Ashleigh 🟣
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I noticed that apps that are downloaded and turned into pages have a little info tab that explains the app, I was wondering if there was any way to do this for our own pages.

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  • SEC
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    Actually, it wouldn't be adding any additional cards, just a collection which when in a collapsed state is only about an inch high.  See picture below.Here's an example.Here's an example.. Here's an example of what that looks lik.


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    I moved this to a discussion board and marked @SEC's reply as the solution.


    Thanks again for sharing the great knowledge.




  • SEC
    SEC 🟠

    You could create a new collection on the page, type in what you want to say in the title box, then move it to the top of the page and minimize it.  That way, only what you typed in shows.  

  • That is a great idea thanks! It would be nice though to also have this feature without having to add a card especially if the page is already filled with cards. 

  • Oh yes I see what you mean now that actually works very well for what I am doing, thank you!

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