mysql transform unknown column

I'm trying to do what seems like a pretty basic transform on a salesforce dataset in Domo and it's throwing an error.  Might very well be due to my lack of SQL expertise


The database reported a syntax error. Unknown column 'ConvertedOpportunity.Name' in 'field list'


The field is in the list,  ConvertedOpportunity.Name is in the input dataset as shown in the "show columns" widget, but maybe because of the "." it doesn't like it.  There might be other things wrong with this query as well, but any help would be appreciated.


date(Marketing_Inquiry_Date__c) as date,
COUNT(IF(Marketing_Inquiry_Date__c=null,null,1)) as inquiries,
COUNT(IF(Date_Identified_as_MQL__c=null,null,1)) as mqls,
COUNT(IF(ConvertedOpportunity.Name=null,null,1)) as opportunities
from leads_with_opportunities
group by date

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    try using the back tick `



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