Pie Chart Conditional Drill Down

Hello, I have a chart with Open/Closed status and depending on the status that the user chooses, it's the custom table view they want as drill down.

Example: if Closed is clicked, users want to see a Completion Date field. If Open is clicked, they want to see a Due Date Field.


Is there any way to achieve this?


Thanks in advance.

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    So you would need to create a BeastMode to use for the drilldown. 

    This would be your new date field in the drill down

    CASE WHEN `Status` = 'Closed' THEN `Completion Date`
    WHEN `Status` = 'Open' THEN `Due Date`

    This way, regardless of what the user clicks, at the next level they see the appropriate date.


    Hope this helps,



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  • Great, thanks!


    Is it possible to make the field label dynamic as well?

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