How to change/reroute specific values in a field and leave all others the same

I have a table card. It shows the amount of deals closed by each sales team. In some cases, sales reps change industry teams. I want to be able to say "If sales manager = Joe Smith, then change team to Retail" but since there are 100 managers, I don't want to go thru and put each one in since the rest of the mappings should remain unchaged... this is what I have so far but I'm getting a syntax error. Can anyone spot what I'm missing here?


WHEN `Sales Rep Supervisor` = 'John Smith' then `Sales Team` = 'Retail'
ELSE `Sales Team` END

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  • Valiant
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    Drop the `Sales Team` = 


    WHEN `Sales Rep Supervisor` = 'John Smith' then 'Retail'
    ELSE `Sales Team` END


  • I tried it, but then I lose the manager's name. I need Sales Manager to remain the person's name. The team describes what industry they sell to. So I still need 2 separate fields. I just want to reroute John Smith's reps to Retail instead of Advertising.


    so the current columns say 

    Sales Manager: John Smith

    Sales Team: Advertising



    I need it to say 

    Sales Manager: John Smith

    Sales Team: Retail


    but all other managers should keep their current sales teams

  • I'm a bit unclear on how you're using the fields. Is this a table chart type? 


    The BeastMode I provided will replace the Sales Team field, you should still be using the same Sales Manager field. 


    Any chance you could take a screenshot of how you have the fields setup in your card?

  • Ahh I see what you're saying. It looks likethat worked. Thank you!!