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Ashleigh Florida 🟣

I would like to be able to have the capability of making a card template. I have a case where multiple people would be making the same chart on a card but with their unique datasets and I would like an easy way for them to have a card with pre-made settings where they would just have to upload their data too. Currently I am just duplicating cards and then changing the data set but this is insuffecient. It would be nice to be able to publish these templates to the appstore so that various employees can download the card and upload their dataset. 

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  • I would also appreciate this functionality. I currently have a need for 18 cards that are almost identical, only varriying on one of the variables.


    I could use the same dataset that would include all info for all 18 teams and filter to the team I would like or use differing datasets. I'd actually prefer to create a template that is all data, and then have small changes so that if I ever needed to add a field to the dataset, I would only need to do that in one place vs all 18.



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