Color Rules in Drill Path

If I create color rules on a chart, then create a drill down chart it automatically inherits those color rules.


However, if I do not want those rules, there is no way to remove them. They automatically adds them. 


What I can do it create new color rules that override them, but there is no way to create a table with no highlighted rows. 


Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.48.26 AM.png


I have two suggestions

1) Create a way to opt out of color rules on individual charts in the drill path

2) In the color selector, add a no color option


Both solutions would acheive the same end, but I can see how different scenarious would find one or the other useful.

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  • Another solution I have found to this is to create a beastmode when you want to apply color rules.  Rather than applying color rules to the `Action` column in this example, you can create a beastmode called `Action - Color` which would just be:



    This way, when you apply the color rules to `Action - Color` they are not applied to the `Action` Field.  You can use the color field when you want to use the rules and the default field when you don't.

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  • I like the no color option as well! 


    we've also worked around this by creating a beastmode on the parent card (of the drillpath).

    for example if our measure sales $ is color ruled to green.

    then we create a beast that's sales $ 2.  and use that measure in the children card - therefore inheriting no color rules.

    we often don't share that measure to other cards so it keeps cleaner dimensions & measures

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