Quick filer as a single select drop down

In one of my cards, it would be helpful to have the option of a text quick filer to only allow one selection at a time in the form of a drop-down filter. Example is a single market at a time for a sales manager who will have several available in the quick filter.


In my example, I’m calculating % of sales for a metric by market in a MySQL ETL. This works great for trending the data set over multiple months or markets in a heat map chart where the number doesn’t have to be dynamic, but build out to the right.


In another table card I'm developing allows different markets to be selected through a quick filter. The same data set cannot be used if multiple markets are selected in the quick filter due to the record showing individual market %. The card will try to aggregate or only show the first selected market. The end user will have to know that only one month can be selected at a time and to not trust the card for multiple markets. Seems easy enough, but this card will be made available for about 300 people who are not tech savvy. Also, the card is the result of multiple rollups of different data to create a dashboard, so making it dynamic is not in development until down the road after it is field tested.   

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