Problems with Amazon DynamoDB Connector

Recently, our team began development of a new portal to collect project information. The backend database is powered by AWS and we are able to view underlying data through Amazon DynamoDB. Unfortunately, the connector available in Domo continues to error out (error message screenshot below). DynamoDB Connector Error MessageDynamoDB Connector Error Message

We have tried to reset my Access Key multiple times to no avail. I tried switching the location of the access keys (ie. use the Access key ID as the Secret Key and vice versa) but that did not work either. See access key screenshot below (keys hidden for security purposes).  DynamoDB Access Key Refresh ScreenshotDynamoDB Access Key Refresh Screenshot

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! I would like to avoid building a custom connector and/or connecting via workbench since this connector is already built in Domo!




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    I did some digging and found that for the connection to work, you need to have very elevated access rights to the DynamoDB. The connector worked without a hitch once we provisioned me the correct rights!