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If I have many columns for ex: "2010 population" "2012 population" "2014 population"

and I would like to show the % evolution between each of them  on the graph how can I do it?


If beast mode is the way to do it I will then have 3 columns  "2010 population" "2012 population" "2014 population"

then 2 columns "10/12 Evolution" "12/14 Evolution" is there a way to put them in on graphs (bar + line)



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  • PodiumMason
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    Hey @Lara,


    Based on your description, this should be fairly easy to do especially if they are already living in their own columns. 


    I would create a separate beast mode for each evolution you want to view and then put them all on a stacked or grouped bar chart. You can add all the columns as separate series on the graph and view them side by side. 


    Let me know if this is helpful or if you have additional logistical questions.

    Best of luck!



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