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We just join the Domo Partner recently and can you share us the complete licensing structure with us?

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  • Lumenstein



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    Hi @user06410


    If you have joined our Partner Program officially you should have been assigned a contact to work with. Our partner's receive a partner Domo instance that functions slighlty different from a client instance. If you have not and are interested, please go here:


    I hope that helps!


  • Hey @user06410,


    You recently joined the Domo partner program to be a Domo partner?


    I would contact domo support at They can provide you additional info with regard to licensing and get you in touch with the correct parties.


    Best of luck!

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  • DaniBoy



    Thanks for the question!

    Here is an overview of the license structure.



    @Lumenstein can you shed more light on this question?



    Dani aka "Mr.Dojo"

    Dojo Admin
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  • Thanks Dani,

    Lets assume that client picked the standard plan. Is the Buzz features social users is unlimited? or izzit following the standard plan which is 20 users only?